Footsbarn Voice & Movement Workshop 2023

Guided by voice coach Ben Joiner and Sadie Jemmett, artistic director, Footsbarn Theatre

We invite you to dissolve the rigidity of intellectual conditioning, drop down into the body and explore a sensory process that invites the performer to act out of their own creativity and visceral responses.

What the class of 22 said …

I have grown, I have learned – Magic happened. Proper magic – come do it – Ed
It was really smooth moving from French to English … it was great to feel those words and go into our own feelings and voice, thanks to the teachers – Sonia
A delight, an amazing two weeks. I feel intensely refreshed and rejuvenated. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on their own body and voice – Tom


It has given me time to learn, to breathe and appreciate my own voice and feel supported by others. A haven for learning and you won’t want to leave! – John
It’s been amazing, surpassed all expectations! It has given me confidence in how to use my voice – a great experience. The whole place is magical, and we were really well looked after – Rachel
  • Our unique and original workshop will involve an approach that initially overrides the clamour of the rational brain.
  • Preconceptions around the text and language will be disrupted prior to a deeper investigation.
  • The rhythms, sounds and images of the text will merge with the actor’s own felt experience, emotional storehouse, open mind and sense of play.
  • Our stories and characters will then re-emerge, refreshed and full of vitality ready to be shared in the iconic space of the Footsbarn Big Top Tent in a free and open performance, remember…. This Footsbarn .. Anything could happen!


Workshop practioners

Ben Joiner’s workshop is heavily influenced by his experience as a dancer, actor, Feldenkrais practitioner and his designation to teach Kristin Linklater’s voice work.Other influences include the work of Sandford Meisner, the principles of Michael Chekov and Contact Improvisation.

Sadie Jemmett is the Artistic Director of Footsbarn Travelling Theatre. She brings with her over 20 years worth of experience as a Composer, Performer, Writer and Director. workin with the methods of Jaques Lecoq, Sadie will explore the colours, elements, and materials of the world that can be used to enhance and discover a character as well as chorus work in both body and voice.

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